Responsible Gambling Guide

Responsible Gambling GuideThe decision to gamble is an individual decision and a personal choice. However, we try to encourage our players to make this choice responsibly, as the information might be crucial for you.

We can say that our passion for gambling has paved the way for creating a happy and productive work environment. But we must also say that gambling issues are not to be taken lightly because thousands of people suffer every year to struggle with it. Sometimes things can get out of our hand without even noticing, and can turn our fun hobby to a nightmare, which we never want for our players.

That’s why we will do our best to help you about this issue and display relevant information on where to get help. Let’s elaborate how to gamble responsibly.

Healthy gaming tips

Healthy gaming tipsBefore mentioning about gambling addiction and how serious it is, there are some precautions that we’d like you to take. Make sure to apply these little tips in your gambling practices, and don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing that!

  • Keeping track of time: Sometimes you can find yourself spending hours on online casinos without even realizing, especially when you’re carried away with colorful spins and live table games. We know that casino games are incredibly fun to play, but you should set a timer or keep your watch handy in order to track it. If you realize that it consumes way too much time than it should, you need to be aware that it might be dangerous for you.
  • Take breaks: You should get your mind off of gambling once in a while, because as you stay more staring at the screen for hours, your chances of making bad decisions drastically increase. You can give your eyes a rest from looking at the screen, get up and have a walk, stretch out, think of other things than gambling. You will see that you’ll come back with a clear mind, ready to have fun. If you don’t feel refreshed after your little break, do not force yourself to play again.
  • Stay sober: If you’re not in control of your judgement or feel like you’re less aware of what’s going on in your environment, you shouldn’t gamble at all. Gambling while under effects of drugs and alcohol can seriously harm your ability to make healthy decisions and you might end up losing it all.
  • Don’t escape your problems: If you’re dealing with some hardships at work, home or personal life, you should know that gambling is not a solution for any of them. Some people try to escape their problems and try to find solution in online gambling. It’s not a funzone to escape to, it is only a hobby that you should do in your free time.
  • Getting out of a bad financial situation: Online gambling might seem very attractive when it comes to earning money from scratch, very easy and all made online at the comfort of your home. If you’re in debt or need to buy something immediately, gambling is not your solution. There is no guarantee that you will win, which most players in this situation fail to notice, and end up getting in more debt than they had before.

When gambling gets out of hand:

  • It leads to serious psychological problems that individuals have a hard time admitting to themselves.
  • The individuals become selfish with the ambition of winning, and does not care about harming themselves or the environment.
  • It becomes harmful to himself/herself and his/her family and the society.

You become a gambling addict when:

  • gambling addictYou over-think about gambling (constantly contemplating about past gambling experiences, and thinking about playing nonstop)
  • You need to increase the amount of money you put in each time to satisfy the desired excitement you want to achieve
  • You act irritative and uncomfortable during attempts to reduce or stop gambling
  • You gamble to escape from problems or to get rid of an unhappy and seedy emotion like helplessness, guilt, anxiety or depression
  • You come back to replace what you lost another day chase even harder to make up for your loss.
  • You lie to family members, therapists, or others about the amount of gambling you’re playing
  • You endanger important relationships, job, education or job-related opportunities due to gambling.
  • You rely on others to get rid of the financial problems you fell into because of gambling.

If you feel like you apply to any of these points above, we strongly suggest you to consider getting help. We understand how hard it can be to open up about something so personal, but we value your health and we want the best for you.

To prevent gambling issues, take consideration:

  • Never deposit sums that will make you upset when you lose.
  • If you are a beginner, start with small amounts.
  • Do not ask for money to bet on anyone when your balance is reset.
  • Reserve a bet budget to use for a certain amount of time, and don’t invest more when you run out of money.
  • Do not try to win back at once when you lose large sums. You’ll sink even more.
  • If you’re betting on sports, do not bet recklessly on your favorite teams without analyzing data and examining the league situation and the course of the team.
  • Most people bet to escape their boring daily life or to have fun. Never bet on all your income. Betting is a hobby.
  • Separate the time you spend with your family, friends and at work, separate the time you spend on gambling. Do not postpone your work and appointments to sit and spend time on online casinos.
  • Don’t think about betting 24/7, don’t forget to spend time for yourself and your family.
  • You can win a jackpot or a huge amount, but do not give up on your business. Many people stop working after winning big amounts of money and try to bet as ‘professional’. Betting is not a full time job, it should never happen.

If you think you need help, here are some helpful links of organizations you can benefit from:

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