At (the ‘’the website’’), we value your privacy and the right to know how your information is processed and used where and how. That’s why we have created this Privacy Policy that includes general terms and conditions on processing personal data and the usage of cookies to inform you how your personal data is collected. We strongly suggest you to read it very carefully to understand our practices. By visiting our website you are accepting the terms in this policy.

1. Definitions

Capitalized words used in this policy have the following meaning:

  • Website means in, or other localized versions in other languages, or any subdomains.
  • Pronouns like we, us or our refer to the operator of
  • User means any visitor of the
  • Cookie means files that have been sent to your computer by other computers. These files remain stored on your computer and when you re-enter the site, the site will recognize you.
  • Privacy policy means personal data processing practices of the Website.
  • Personal data means any explicit information related directly or indirectly to individuals (user)
  • Anonymization of personal data means to make the data unrelatable (anonymized) to an identifiable person (user).
  • Personal data processing implies the acquirement, documentation, storage and usage of personal data, which can be collected automatically by data collection softwares or plugins.

2. General Provisions

This article regulates the procedure for personal data collection and security that are collected in, the regulator hereinafter will be referred as the Administrator.

2.1. The website (hereinafter serves as a free data and guidance provider for those interested in playing in online casinos, and is not a supplier of web based casino management. Any data provided on the Website is educational only and should not be considered a legitimate incentive in any way.

2.2 Administrator has the right to determine and regulate personal data processing practices, and will do so without violating civil rights and freedoms. Operating the services include protecting privacy rights and human rights.

2.3. This personal data processing policy set by the Administrator, (hereinafter referred as policy) applies to all data that can be collected from visitors of

2.4 We try to ensure that the data distributed on the Website is accurate, we cannot ensure the accuracy of the data presented on the Website due to the constantly changing internet betting and casino information. We do not take responsibility of any damage caused by the use of the data available on the Website.

2.5 The Website contains hyperlinks to external third-party websites. The Website has no an impact on the content of such third-party websites and is not legally responsible for that content. We motivate you to review all the phrases and terms of use of third-party websites before collaborating on any gambling activity.

2.6 By accessing the Website, user certifies that he/she is at least 18 years old and has full legal capacity. Access to the Website is limited to anyone under the age of 18, in which the user is forbidden to play online. It is user’s responsibility to decide whether it is legal to gamble within the site he/she has chosen, if it has jurisdiction, or if his/her actions will have legal consequences.

3. Collecting Personal Data

3.1 Browsing in the Site, may collect and process anonymized data of it’s users by automated personal data processing softwares or plugin of the following:

  • Technical information like the internet protocol (IP) which is your computer’s address that you use when connecting to internet, your sign in and sign out statistics, your browser’s brand, time zone, browser plug-ins and versions, browser language, your internet provider (ISP), the device, your location, your operating system and platform, and different online identifiers.
  • If you use our site on your mobile device, we may also collect your cell operator statistics and your unique device identification number.
  • Information about your visit to the site, along with full Uniform Resource Locators (URL) and page interaction facts.
  • Statistics from cookies.
  • Data from analytic platforms, for example, data on the Operating System (OS) on your device, Internet Protocol (IP) address, your geolocation and language.

3.2 Creating a User Account: When you create an account on our site we might hold record of the following information: name, date of birth, email address, username, country and IP address.

3.3 Contacting Us: If you contact us regarding any issue, the information that you present to us during the session might be recorded.

4. How Your Personal Data is Used

4.1 Marketing purposes:  we will keep mentioned data to inform you about news that you’d like to hear like events and latest news. You may receive these information in your email.

4.2 Personalized advertising: the website will provide engaging promotions based on your trends recorded through your visits with other sites or other data collected by cookies or analytical tools.

5. Categories of Data Held About You

There are a few types of personal information we collect from you for certains reasons. They include:

  • Data about identity: First name, last name, last name, user name, wedding status, date of birth, gender, occupation and employment status.
  • Contact information: Private location, email address, phone numbers.
  • Technical data: Device type and versions, insights on the platform you use to access the site, such as IP address, login information, program type and form, field and time zone setting, working frame and phase, program module types and forms.
  • Profile Data: User name, passwords, entry and exit times.
  • Usage Data: Transit data you use on the site.
  • Display & Communication Data: Data about your trends and preferences, tendencies to receive customized ads.

6. Cookies

6.1 Cookies are necessary to have achieve full access to the website and it’s features and capabilities. For example access to the exclusive parts of the site. The user can frame or delete cookies at any time by changing program settings as needed, but users should consider that this might influence the effectiveness of the site.

6.2. Cookie files collect data about how users surf in website. It allows the website Administrator to receive data about users and to perform appropriate upgrades on the sites. For example, cookies show the website Administrator which sites are frequently visited, help identify problems when using sites, and analyze marketing preferences.

6.3 Users can change the usage of cookies through their browser settings. If the user chooses to disable cookies, then a few sections and site features might not work, but they will have the option to access certain parts. All internet browsers have different settings. To understand it better, please check your browser’s help menu.

7. Google Analytics

We operate Google, Inc.’s Analytics service on certain parts of this website to be able to find out how users benefit from this site. Implementing Google Analytics services on this website suggests that Google compiles, saves and analyzes visitors’ browsing history based on internet files that are sent to your computer to collect information, also known as cookies. We get the outcomes of this inquiry from Google and adopt it to our website to figure out how visitors spend time on this website. Google doesn’t collect any intimate data about visitors. These inputs are also handled in accordance with Google’s privacy policy.

Visitors are able to prevent Google Analytics from saving their personal information by disabling Google Analytics in their browser plug-in settings. If you wish, you are free to turn off Google Analytics services by downloading the “Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on”. Disabling Google Analytics will disable it on all sites, not just on our site. However, you can re-enable when you want to.

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Privacy Policy


Google Analytics

9. Personal Data Disclosure to Third Parties

9.1. The website Administrator guarantees the security of personal information and takes any reasonable action to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing user’s personal information.

9.2. The user’s personal information is never sent out under any circumstances, except for the situation that it might be required by applicable law.

9.3. If any unreliable information is suspected by the user or recognized, the User may contact the website Administrator for further investigation.

9.4. Personal data processing will go on for an unlimited of time in The user can withdraw their agreement on personal data processing by sending an email to the website Administrator entitled “withdrawing consent to processing of personal information”.

10. Your Rights

  1. Request to access your own information: You are eligible to reach out to your data held by us.
    We will give any reasonable access when claimed properly. If there needs to be a lot of work done concerning
    this request, we reserve the right to charge a fee to cover the work done in accordance with the material law.
  2. Change of request or adjust your own information: We may correct or change your information if
    you request so, for the reasons that there is inaccurate information about you. We may need to check the
    accuracy of some data you’ve given to us before.
  3. Ask for your own information to be deleted: You have the right to ask us to remove any personal
    data we hold about you if it doesn not concern the primary reason we collect and process dara. If you want to
    delete your account and sign out for good, you may ask us to remove all of your information. Sometimes certain
    legal commitments that we’ve made may not allow us to immediately delete all or some part of the data about you
    (for example the Money Laundering Act).
  4. Objection to processing personal data: If you feel that our personal data collection and
    processing has a negative impact on your basic rights and fundamental freedom, you are allowed to object to the
    way we process your own data. You reserve the option to question our practices on how we process your
    information for marketing purposes. In this case, you will be asked to clear the check box that implies ‘direct
    marketing’ while creating a user account or unclicking it from user settings.
  5. Requesting limitation on processing your personal data: You reserve the privilege to request
    termination of your own data transaction in the event of the following:

    • When you need us to confirm the accuracy of your existent data.
    • When you think we use the data illegitimately but you still don’t want us to delete it.
    • When you need us to keep your data in the case of ongoing lawsuits or legal operations, and for that the
      information needs to be retained, regardless of whether we need to do so anymore.
  6. Data portability request: We will share the personal data that was collected from you in an
    organized, readable form. This only applies to the information that you have provided consent for us.

11. Protection of Children

11.1 As an online casino listings website that includes advertising content and visual elements related to gambling, this site is not appropriate for children and visitors under the age of 18.

11.2 The site does not collect individual information from young people under the age of 18. The website will delete any information collected unintentionally from young people under the age of 18.

11.3 If the website may be used by children or guests under the age of 18, we shall not be assume responsible for activities that are performed by the under aged visitor.

You can contact us: If you think your personal data is processed somehow in an illegal way or if you would like to learn more about the purpose of using your personal data, like which organizations and for what purpose, you can contact us for further info anytime you want.

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